Enrique Marty

1969 · Spain

Artist biography

Enrique Marty is an established mid-career contemporary artist, born in Salamaca, Spain, in 1969. He is one of the artists from his generation with greater projection in the international scene, having exhibited with great impact in the most important museums, art centers and galleries of Europe, the United States, Mexico, South America, Japan or Korea. His works are part of Spanish and international collections.

His paintings, sculptures, videos or installations are often controversial because of the power and freshness of his expression or because of the subject he deals with; he mixes different media, usually composing striking sceneries in which his painting skills always stand out. He explores the sinister, those situations in which the familiar seems anxiously strange. His main characters, often taken from his intimate circle, have abandoned the vain surface of the cliché in order to enter into evil, violent and grotesque situations.

Through his works, Enrique Marty shakes and disturbs us as we are faced with characters and scenes whose soothing, everyday aspects are displaced by theater, satire and the grotesque. The absurd, the tension and the buried anguish surface in his works, destabilizing conventional reality.

“I have no intention to provoke, but to remove the entrails. Perversity and cruelty are not on my work, but outside, right where physically terminates; in the excitement it generates. There begins the real cruelty. What the viewer sees is what he has inside. Actually, what I want to be is a mirror.” (Enrique Marty)

Enrique Marty

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