Enrico Tealdi

1976 · Italy

Artist biography

Enrico Tealdi was born in Cuneo in 1976, where he lives and works. He has created a work on the theme of memory. In this piece, he relates stories of love,relationships and conflicts, bound by fragile, subjective and magical thread of memory. Tealdi’s poetics feeds on the small events of everyday life, but recalls, for instance, the great tradition of Venetian vedutism, not aiming at the clarity of perception, but at the interpretation of reality in a subjective and evocative key, and creating evanescent and unreal images thanks to the flaking of shapes and the skillful dosage of shadows. The light is therefore a unifying element of the composition and the atmosphere, in a sort of contemporary luminism of divisionist inspiration, while the reiteration of themes confirms a meticulous and passionate approach to art making. For the artist, in fact, "Beauty, meant as art, is the best of answers. I have drawn for love, desperation, anger and loneliness. I have drawn to see afar. It has been like dressing in white and walking in the mud to go further.”

Enrico Tealdi

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