Enki Bilal

1951 · France

Artist biography

Enki Bilal was born in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, a Bosnian father and a Slovak mother. His name, Bilal, is of Ottoman origin. His father was a master tailor and personally took care of the wardrobe of Tito, he had known in the resistance and with whom he had befriended. His childhood in Tito's Yugoslavia and his exile in France fed the enchanting world of her albums. In 1960, he moved to Paris with his family, and they will be naturalized in 1967. In 1971, he won a cartoon contest organized by the magazine Pilote and Drugstore Number One in the adventures category (Driver No. 607 page 53). After a brief passage at the Fine Arts, Enki Bilal published his first story, "The Bowl curse" in the magazine Pilote (1972). He meets the writer Pierre Christin in 1975 and it is the first album.

Enki Bilal

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