Ecaterina Vrana

1969 · Romania

Artist biography

Creating childlike, vibrant likenesses that project visually from the deep darkness of her compositional backgrounds, Romanian painter Ecaterina Vrana explored a novel approach to painting that carried her through her career.

Often Vrana selected playful or seemingly positive forms to become the focal point of her work, however her juxtaposition of these freer forms against the oppressive black that builds each composition’s backdrop allow her work instead to be seen as a space of tension: between happiness and sadness; between joy and defeat.

Born in Constanta, Romania, in 1969, Vrana trained at the Academy of Arts in Bucharest. Before her death in 2019, Vrana has been an active exhibitor of her work. Some of her final showcases included “Bladly Happy: Pain, Pleasure and Panic in Recent Romanian Art” at The Performance Art Institute, San Francisco (2011); “The Scythe was a Chick” at the Museum of Art, Constanța, Romania (2015); and “Ecaterina Vrana: A Woman Without Secrets” at the Galeria Nicodim, Bucharest, Romania (2017).

Ecaterina Vrana

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