Dirk Salz

1962 · Germany

Artist biography

Centering his production on works that celebrated the neat intersections of planes or facets of light and color, German artist Dirk Salz has grown in acclaim since returning to art in the later twentieth century.

Born in Bochum, Germany, in 1962, Salz enjoyed making art throughout his younger years, however he studied engineering and headed into the IT profession. After many years of working in that capacity, Salz returned to art in the 1990s and discovered his passion for abstract expression.

Finding a new power in nature through his emphasis on geometry and precision, Salz took as his initial inspiration the Abstract Expressionist masters but grew from that point into new extremes of minimalism. Simple, and yet profound, Salz’s body of work resonates with a sense of the past and a powerful forecast for the future.

Dirk Salz

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