Diogo Lando

1985 · Portugal

Artist biography

On Artland we represent two different series of Diogo Lando (b. 1985, Portugal) artworks: "Secret Garden" and "Eros(Au)".

Series "Secret Garden": What is reality? The opposite of the dream.

Diogo Lando is mixing these two parallel worlds into one with his unique technique. The style that Diogo uses comes from many different mediums such as design, photography, comics, video and gives the final result, which you might call Digital Art / Mixed Media Art. In this artwork series ‘Secret Garden’ artist presents his digital art combined with lightbox illumination, which gives the viewer the ability to have active (lightbox on) and inactive (lightbox off) artwork.

“Secret Garden” is a collection of fictional portraits, of imaginary and forgotten characters, between the past and the present, the real and the oneiric. Similarly to the human being, each “secret garden” is unique and complex, made by a multitude of impressions and emotions, evoking themes such as the relation between the then and the now, the immediate and the subsequent, the body, the feelings and the personal growth: the blossoming.” - says Diogo.

Series "Eros (Au)": In this series ‘Eros (Au)’ artist explores the beauty of the human body and the wonders of mythological and biblical characters, puts them through Noir lenses into a dream-like scenario and ties up all with appointments of gold.

Gold (au) stands as a symbol and references from Greece Classical Period/ Golden Age, Biblical and religious characters, to the 20th century Classical Hollywood films.

This series merges layers of history, culture and religion into these erotic scenes, where sexuality is paired with visual poetry.

Diogo Lando

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