Débora Delmar

1986 · Mexico

Artist biography

By employing attention-grabbing tactics such as opening a juice-cafe and creating coffee tables from teddy bears, Débora Delmar explores the culture of consumption through her works. Using mixed mediums such as installation, photography, and sculpture; Delmar investigates and sheds light on capitalistic lifestyles, consumer culture, and aspirational wealth. In particular, Delmar is focused on issues of class and how it is represented in our increasingly globalised world. In past exhibitions she has engaged with trends such as the glamorisation of the fast pace of capitalistic society through her exhibition “stressed, blessed, and coffee obsessed” as well as the intersection between the displacement of raw value and luxurisation of the health-food industry. Delmar attracted great attention recently when celebrities started to wear her pseudonym (Débora Delmar Corp.) as a logo, sparking conversation around the ownership and consumption of contemporary art.

Born in Mexico City in 1986, Delmar graduated with a BFA from New York’s School of Visual Arts in 2011. She received her postgraduate degree from London’s prestigious Royal Academy of Arts in 2019.

She has enjoyed solo and group exhibitions around the world, in cities such as Mexico City, Berlin, Oxford, Brussels, Brooklyn, London, Lisbon, and Los Angeles; among many others. She has also had her work shown in numerous museums, including but not limited to the Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw; the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; and the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. Delmar was the recipient of the Fundación Jumex AC grant for two years, and was a resident at The White Building in London, Casa Maauad in Mexico City, Modern Art Oxford, and Atelier des Arques. She lives and works in Mexico City.

Débora Delmar

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