David Thomas

1951 · Ireland

Artist biography

Irish artist David Thomas embraces the potential of modern technology to advance art in his clever experimentation within the realm of photo-paintng and installation work. Using singular colors that dominate each work, Thomas pushes the boundaries of the gallery space to force deep contemplations of the universal.

From deep blacks to bright yellows, Thomas’ body of work explores a visual language akin to the Color Field painters of earlier generations. Thomas updates the tradition, though, by toying with the notion of finish: while his fields of color are strikingly uniform, he often leaves one fragment of the work untouched, creating a seeming aberration that thus changes the entire landscape of the work.

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 1951, Thomas studied in Australia at RMIT University, Melbourne, where he earned both his MA in Fine Arts and his PhD. He currently serves as professor of painting within the university’s School of Art. Beyond teaching, Thomas aims to keep up an ambitious exhibition schedule around the world.

David Thomas

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