Dave Swensen

1984 · United States

Artist biography

Dave Swensen (b. 1984, Des Moines, IA) explores the layering and placement of construction and industrial materials while emphasizing the principles of both modern and contemporary design. Often his distorted mirrored surfaces reflect back bouncing light and energy. Working with precision he creates a narrative using a minimal aesthetic that at times allows parts to become interchangeable or be reconfigured entirely. This flexibility in his work allows him to push his materials to their maximum potential. He has taken part in numerous solo and group exhibitions locally and abroad.

Biography: 1984 born in Des Moines, IA

Dave Swensen lives and works in Des Moines, Iowa.

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions:

2019 Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne (G) Freud Monk Gallery, Online Exhibition (G) Gray Contemporary, Houston (G) 2017 Hello Studio, San Antonio (S) 2016 Boxx Gallery, Chicago (S) 2014 Kitchen Space, Chicago (G) 2013 ROOMS Gallery, Chicago (S) IGCA Alaska, Anchorage (S) 2011 Laundromat Art Project Space, Tauranga, New Zealand (S) 2010 Art Base 1, Beijing (G) Super Market Art Fair, Stockholm (G) Video Forms Festival, Clermont (G) Goncalves Saphino Cultural Center, Benedita, Portugal (G) CineDesign, Recife, Brazil (G) Wikitopia, Hong Kong (G) Blueprint, Holborn, London (G) 2009 R.F.D Gallery, Swainsboro, GA (G) Guildford Lane Gallery, Melbourne (G) Formverk Art Space, Eskilstuna, Sweden (G) Lasala Exposiciones Galeria, Cigüñuela, Spain (G) Berkeley & Copenhagen Commonplace, Berkeley, CA (G) Formverk Art Space, Varnarmo, Sweden (G) Jose Malhoa Museum, Caldas-de-Rainha, Portugal (G) FA Portuguese Bookshop Gallery, Macau, China (G) Video Dia Loghi, Torino (G) 2008 V.I.P Art Gallery, Belgrade (G) Scope International Art Fair, Basel Switzerland (G) Shelterbelt Theater, A Collaboration with Doug Heyko, Omaha, Nebraska (G) The F.U.E.L Collection, Philadelphia (G) 2007 Bemis Center, Omaha Nebraska (S)

Awards and Residencies:

2017 Hello Studio / San Antonio Texas / Jan - May

Dave Swensen

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