Dario Ghibaudo

1969 · Italy

Artist biography

Dario Ghibaudo was born in Cuneo, lives and works in Milan. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions since 1990. He exhibited in Italy in Venice at the Open 2005, international exhibition of sculpture, and in Milan at the Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation. Abroad, in Brussels, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Shanghai, Yerevan, Buenos Aires. In Cuneo, he is the author of the celebratory monument to Giuseppe Peano entitled Curva di Peano, created in 1998. His works include the Archive of the artist’s noses (by Andrea Serrano, Orleans, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Enrico Baj and others). The nose is placed on paper, placed in a cardboard box that collects it as a packaging box. For the artist, a nose recalls an entire face, imagining an entire portrait where the somatic features are mentally reconstructed around a single detail. The virtual archive, created in 1994, now has 70 examples of work. The noses, a selection of 15, were exhibited for the first and only time in Germany in ’98. Also worth mentioning is the project based on the enlightenment system of cataloguing and scientific recording, the vast cycle in continuous growth since 1990, the Museum of Unnatural History, full of creatures and fantastic characters, all works made strictly of synthetic materials.

Dario Ghibaudo

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