Dapper Bruce Lafitte

1972 · United States

Artist biography

Working with bold color and striking pattern, American artist Dapper Bruce Lafitte pulls references from myriad sources to conjure an incredible variety of motifs in his art.

Basing many of his compositions on the premise of the map or the grid, Lafitte’s work takes on a documentary quality that is lightened with bright palettes and playful motifs. His style brings a childlike feel of a refreshed look at the work, and thus viewers of his work can leave it feeling renewed.

Born in Bruce, Washington, in 1972, Lafitte grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana and continues to be based in the city. He is an active exhibitor of his work. Recent showcases of Lafitte’s art include those at the Outsider Art Fair in Paris (2015) and Atlanta Contemporary in Georgia (2016).

Dapper Bruce Lafitte

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