Daniel Schwarz

1987 · Germany

Artist biography

Working as both a visual and performing artist, German innovator Daniel Schwarz has taken as his main muse a deeper look at the role of culture and politics in the contemporary digital age. Considering the very concept of manipulation and the ways in which it impacts social expression, Schwarz adds a similar level of abstracted representation to his dynamic body of work.

Bold colors combined in Schwarz’s creations to convey visual energy but also to confound the viewer in order to pull them deeper into the web that Schwarz has created.

Born in Germany in 1987, Schwarz earned his degree in Computer Science and Media from HdM Stuttgart in 2011 and subsequently completed an MFA at the University of California – Los Angeles in 2015. Schwarz is based today in Brooklyn where he works closely with the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU), however he also devotes substantial time to the exhibition and promotion of his work. In addition to being featured in major publications such as The New York Times, Schwarz has enjoyed recent exhibitions at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa (2017) and the Anchorage Museum in Alaska (2018).

Daniel Schwarz

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