Daniel Melim

1979 · Brazil

Artist biography

Channeling the brilliant colors of a Brazilian palette, artist Daniel Melim conjures art that evokes an intersection between the ruggedness of street art and the glossy finish of Pop art.

Melim borrows relatable motifs and recombines them with new references to create a marvelous sampling of ideas and form in each composition. In doing so, Melim offers a striking commentary on the nature of imagery in the contemporary moment with which the viewers of his work must grapple.

Born in Brazil in 1979, Melim has enjoyed the showcase of his work in a dynamic array of locales. Recent exhibitions include “Art Rio” at Oma Galeria in Rio de Janeiro (2016); “SP Arte 2017” at the Galeria Choque Cultural, São Paulo (2017); and “Rouge” at LKB/G in Hamburg (2018).

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Daniel Melim

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