Dana Robinson

1990 · United States

Artist biography

Dana Robinson is seen as an emerging artist, who originates from the United States, like other renowned artists such as Dan Ramirez, Kevin Sampson, Audrey Ushenko, August Vollbrecht, and Vincent Falsetta. Dana Robinson was born in 1990.

About Dana Robinson's works

Dana Robinson's work is illustrative of the fields of Pop, Conceptual, Expressionism and Figuration. With artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein as pioneers of the genre, pop art became a prevailing style from the mid 1950s to the late 1960s, in New York and London. Unlike any other modern art movement, pop art managed to connect with the general public to a highly meaningful extent, drawing its inspiration from advertisements, popular product packaging, comic strips or even photos of celebrities. Globally recognized as a reaction to the post war mass consumption boom of the 1950s, and the globalization of youth culture in the 1960s, pop art rejected the supremacy and pretension of contemporary art, especially abstract expressionism in the United States.

Conceptual art emerged as an art movement in the 1960s, critiquing the previously ruling modernist movement and its focus on the aesthetic. The term is usually used to refer to art from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s. In Conceptualism, the idea or concept behind the work of art became more important than the actual technical skill or aesthetic. Conceptual artists used whichever materials and forms were most appropriate to get their ideas across. This resulted in a variety of different types of artworks that could take the form of almost anything – from performance to writing, to everyday objects. The artists explored the possibilities of art-as-idea and art-as-knowledge, using linguistic, mathematical, and process-oriented dimensions of thought as well as invisible structures and processes for their art.

Expressionism first appeared as a response to French Impressionism, and mainly developed from 1905 to 1920. More than just an art movement, it is considered as an international current that embraces a variety of fields spanning from literature to art. The main concept in Expressionist paintings is to alter reality, as to powerfully depict the subjectivity of the artist. Expressionist artists were strived to convey their emotions with the use of spontaneous brushwork, textural elements and distorted features, which would gradually progress towards Abstraction. Expressionism can be also be understood as a reaction to industrialisation and modernisation which undeniably brought about feelings of alienation and isolation, as depicted in Edvard’s Munch painting The Scream. A few critically acclaimed Expressionist artists include Vincent van Gogh, Egon Schiele and Wassily Kandinsky.

Figurative art has been around since the earliest stages of visual arts, and involves any form of modern art which references the real-world or the human figure, in opposition to Abstraction. Figurative art embraces a substantial multitude of styles, thus remaining a truly innovative and major category in which artists created critically acclaimed masterpieces, such as Pablo Picasso’s painting Les Demoiselles D’Avignon, or Paul Cézanne’s The Bathers.

Galleries and Exhibitions

Dana Robinson is represented and exhibited by LatchKey Gallery located in New York, the United States. Dana Robinson is currently exhibiting at LatchKey Gallery in New York with the exhibition Booth B5 : LatchKey Gallery (31 July 2020 - 02 August 2020). Dana Robinson's other most recent exhibitions recorded on Artland include the exhibitions at Selenas Mountain in New York (06 July 2020 - 07 August 2020) with the name Reality used to be a friend of mine✨ and Selenas Mountain in New York (31 July 2020 - 02 August 2020) with the name Booth A6 : Selenas Mountain.

Dana Robinson has 12 works for sale currently available on Artland.

Historical Context of United States

The US, particularly New York city, endures as a central point that has played a substantial role in developing modern and contemporary art in the twentieth century. The concept of New York as a new cosmopolitan and highly powerful art centre came to be in the post war era, and the city thrived in affirming its dominance over Paris, which used to be regarded as the most powerful global art capital.

The predominance of the political and economic structures of the United States in the modern era has provided the country with a powerful influence on the visual culture of the world. Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, Minimalism, Conceptual Art, Neo-Expressionism, Graffiti and Street Art, are influential art movements that blossomed in the US. These very movements also echoed into a multitude of variations, such as alternative forms of Abstract Expressionism, as well as East and West Coast adaptations of Pop Art, among others. Some internationally acclaimed U.S artists of the modern age include Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Cy Twombly, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Frank Stella, Donald Judd, Cindy Sherman, Barbara Kruger, Julian Schnabel, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.

Further Biographical Context for Dana Robinson

Dana Robinson was born in 1990 and was largely inspired by the 1990s growing up. Art in the 1990s was defined at the start of the decade by a group of artists in the United Kingdom that came to be known as the YBAs, or Young British Artists. They were a diverse group of creatives, affiliated loosely by their age, nationality, and their association with Goldsmiths and the Royal College of Art in London, alongside being favoured by super collector of the time Charles Saatchi. The most successful artist of the group is Damien Hirst, who was also an early organiser of group activities. Other members included Chris Ofili, Tracey Emin, Marc Quinn, Gavin Turk, Sarah Lucas and Sam Taylor-Wood. Much of their art became famous for shock tactics and the sensationalism of both material and message. They also became known for their use of throwaway materials, wild-living, and an attitude that was simultaneously counter-culture rebellion but also entrepreneurial. They achieved considerable amount of media coverage and dominated British art during the decade. Their international shows in the mid-1990s included the now legendary ‘Sensation'.

Also gaining prominence at this time was a developing trend in Japan related to the huge boom in advertising and consumerism that took place during the economic dominance of the 1980s. The indigenous comic book culture of manga, allied to trends in advertising, graphic design and packaging, saw a young artist called Takashi Murakami develop his theories which he coined ’Superflat’. Influenced by his experiences in New York City in the mid-1990s, Murakami was to form a powerful collective called Kaikaikiki, which became internationally renowned as an artistic group.

Conceptual photography led by German ideas and artists came to prominence. Artists like Andreas Gursky, Thomas Struth, and Wolfgang Tillmans gained international recognition, and inspired other artists such as the Canadian Jeff Wall, who experimented with the kind of cinematic expansiveness associated with the German artists’ work. Painters like Albert Oehlen and Martin Kippenberger exercised a notable influence on less established artists.

A proliferation of trends characterised the decade, including the highly derisive sculpture of Maurizio Cattelan, and extremely sensitive advancements of conceptualism as evidenced by the work of artists like Felix Gonzalez-Torres.

Relational Aesthetics became a key idea. It was a term coined by curator Nicholas Bourriaud in the 1990s to describe the tendency to make art based on, or inspired by, human relations and their social context. Works by artists including Douglas Gordon, Gillian Wearing, Philippe Parenno and Liam Gillick were described as important artists who worked to this idea.

Dana Robinson

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