Cristina Avello


Artist biography

My work is inspired by women and by their constant quest for finding balance.

I am very lucky, I lived in differents parts of th world and I have met strong,authentic women with a lot of personality. I realized soon that all of them have something in common: they feel that something lacks to them and they are looking for balance. The point is that it seems that women never get satisfied with the balance that they find or this balance lasts only a short period of time.

So I decided that I had to create artworks that transmited balance, peace, beauty and a lot of armony. Artworks that gave off pure energy, capable of connecting with our being and help us to demolish walls.

With this goal I began to think about how I see women and when, if there is any element that triggers and feel the balance.

Thinking about women take me to the sea. Water and wood have helped me to manage and express my emotions.

I work with wood because it is a fine material and it has had a previous life. It comes to me with their own identity. Carving it, I try to transmit the magical and ephimeral balance that we want to find. My work in paper embossing wood opens new dialogues with the artwork. Each one of my works is a snapshot that tries to recreat the atmosphere and the energy that are generated in the instant in which everything seems to make sense.

My artworks are a door to silence and instrospection, an invitation to meditate. As an artist, my intention is to share a path with the desire and hope that my artwork radiates an energy that inspires others in their own travel.

Cristina Avello

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