Constant Dullaart

1979 · Netherlands

Artist biography

Compelled to explore the intersections between art and technology in our modern digital age, Dutch conceptual artist Constant Dullaart has used his artistic abilities to explore the ways in which the Internet has informed and manipulated our relationship with art and image.

Earning international acclaim for his series entitled “Jennifer in Paradise,” which was derived from the image of an anonymous woman resting in the white sands of a tropical beach that was then manipulated through the use of filters and overlays, Dullaart has continued to investigate how art functions in this new digital space and how in turn the rules of authorship and originality are defined. His ruminations on these themes often have a playful feel, but at their root he asks a very important question about the contemporary landscape for the artist online.

Born in Leiderdorp in 1979, Dullaart has enjoyed the exhibition of his conceptual creations in a wide variety of venues. Recent solo exhibitions include “Jennifer in Paradise” at Future Gallery in Berlin (2013); “Brave New Panderers” at XPO Gallery in Paris (2014); and “ The Censored Internet” at Aksioma in Ljubljana (2015).

Constant Dullaart

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