Conny Maier


Artist biography

Conny Maier works with the contradictions and possibilities in a society that is supposedly constructed with set limits. The artist questions the relationship between contemporary cultures and their patterns of behaviour, social classes and body politics. Her works focus primarily on illuminating the grey areas between art and construction, play and seriousness: Maier's ductus allows the viewer to take up several perspectives and to be confronted with decisions himself. Her presumably ironic pictures

allow the question to be posed as to how humans organize themselves in a coded environment and what realities can be hidden behind this facade. The creative process that unfolds in the process thus develops its own course of history and narrative, commenting on established connotations and simultaneously sounding out possible alternatives.

Conny Maier works and lives in Berlin and Baleal / Portugal. Her works have already been shown in Berlin, Cologne, Memmingen, Vienna, Paris, Lisbon, London and Los Angeles.

Conny Maier

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