Claire Baily

1986 · United Kingdom

Artist biography

Through her work, Claire Baily seeks to articulate an interior architecture of sorts. Intricate armatures are clad with cast forms, arranged into expanding layered compositions that combine the sculptural (mass, materiality, carving) and painting (surface quality, flatness and the drawn line). Her thoughtful making operates at the intersection of art and design, creating works that are clearly “designed.” We soon realise that every piece of material has been altered in some way to make it unique, asking the viewer to look closer to see if these alterations are functional or purely aesthetic? We are left to wonder.

Born in Worcester, Claire Baily now lives and works in London. In addition to her art practice, Baily also runs her own homeware range Ornamental Grace, where she draws upon her background to produce handmade sculptural homewares.

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Claire Baily

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