Christoffer Munch Andersen

1979 · Denmark

Artist biography

Christoffer Munch Andersen, born in Helsingør, Denmark in 1979, makes art primarily concerned with seemingly insignificant objects, often mundane cultural and culinary products. He graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and has been exhibiting since 2004 in Denmark, Europe, and most recently in the United States (with his 2018 solo exhibition at PrivateView Gallery in San Francisco).

Anderson’s works portray hyperrealistic, inanimate consumer objects, a type of modern-day vanitas paintings revealing the transience of life and futility of pleasure in contemporary society. His working process involves selecting a physical object, photographing it, processing the photograph in Photoshop, and subsequently transferring the tightened image onto a canvas with oil paint. Everyday consumer objects, which barely merit attention otherwise, are elevated to artworks through elaborate constructions that leave nothing to chance. Milk and juice cartons, beer cans, paint trays and guitar picks all make it into Munch Andersen’s world.

Christoffer Munch Andersen

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