Christian Tunge


Artist biography

Christian Tunge is a modern artist, who originates from Norway, like other famous artists such as Sandra Kantanen, Ingar Dragset , Håkon Bleken, Dag Erik Elgin, and Tori Wrånes.


Christian Tunge's work has most recently been exhibited at Galleri Golsa in Oslo (31 October 2019 until 16 November 2019) with the exhibition LONG LUST LOVE. Christian Tunge's other most recent exhibitions listed on Artland include the exhibitions; Pointed Consciousness (15 August 2019 - 06 September 2019) at QB Gallery in Oslo and Still Life (08 March 2019 - 30 March 2019) at QB Gallery in Oslo.

Christian Tunge currently has one work for sale on Artland.

Christian Tunge in private collections

There are four collectors in possession of works by Christian Tunge at Artland. These collectors include SHH, Eirik Stensrud, and Andreas Offenberg, who also has works by other artists including DUSKMANN, Qafar Rzayev, and Sarah Derat.

Christian Tunge

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  • Exhibitions 3

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