Christian Tony Norum

1980 · Norway

Making a new space for contemporary abstraction in painting, Norwegian artist Christian Tony Norum invigorates his assembly of abstraction through the use of bold colors and broad strokes.

Pulling in vague references to everything from the work of past masters to quotations of cartoonish characters, Norum reveals in each work his ability to pair disparate concepts and colors in exciting new ways.

Born in Norway in 1980, Norum earned his BA at the Statens kunstakademi in Oslo in 2010 and subsequently completed his MA at the same institution two years later. Norum is based today on Oslo and keeps to a very busy exhibition calendar. Recent showcases of his work include “Chanting Chirping (Chiroptera) All Clamoring Elevator Dings” at The Munch Museum, Oslo (2016); “Galleri K, The Oceans Blue Dots in the Black Backdrop” at the Edvard Munch House in Warnemunde (2017); “Triumph Gallery” at the Contemporary Art Museum in Moscow (2018); and “Gallery K, Fields of linen, hips of mountain chains in the wind” in Oslo (2019).

Christian Tony Norum

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