Cecilia Sjöholm

1977 · Sweden

Artist biography

Central to Cecilia’s work is an ongoing exploration into stories - those that are personal and those that belong to others. The storytelling is based on real situations, memories, dreams, and suggestions. She is interested in the liminal space that exists between supposed reality and fiction; probing subverted objectivity and entering the ambiguity of truth. She uses recurring forms and colors as a personal symbolic language; abstract configurations communicate narratives, distill complex emotions, and a personal universe. Materials such as fluorescent paint, matt emulsion, rubber, and fabric are juxtaposed to relate concepts or states of being - for example, energy, fragility, containment, silence, reflection. Through her work, she seeks to understand her own relationship to questions of societal norms, personal morality, expectations, and the passing of lived time. Her process of dissecting memory and imagination is an attempt to decipher the world around her, and the myriad conceivable interpretations it offers. Sometimes she finds no answer.

Cecilia Sjöholm

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