Casey Jane Ellison

1988 · United States

Artist biography

Blurring the line between fantasy and reality as well as between focus and obscurity in her work, multifaceted American artist Casey Jane Ellison explores the notions of the self and the gaze in a dynamic body of work.

Creating both film installations and still frame work, Ellison uses her skills as an animator to create imagery that on one hand feels authentic and photographic but on the other is clearly digitally manipulated. Frosted surfaces, blurred edges, and arbitrary colors inform the viewer that what they see is not necessarily so, but what makes this style so fascinating is that Ellison conveys it through the digital language of the modern day. In doing so, Ellison encourages conversations on the role of new media in art and where the artist falls in that discussion.

Born in Los Angeles, California, Casey Jane Ellison attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to attain a degree in film, video, and animation. In addition to creating art, Ellison is also a comedian. Her work has been featured in numerous prominent publications, such as The New York Times and Vogue, and she is also known for her voice-over and podcast work.

Casey Jane Ellison

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