Carolina Echeverri

1980 · Colombia

Artist biography

Carolina Echeverri’ was born 1980 i Bogota, Colombia, and moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2011. Her photographs are tactile, displaying objects that you want to touch – to feel. You have to use your senses. Like a fleeing memory, highly emotional and abstract. The horse, the sea, a leaf, a sculpture is transformed and distorted into objects well-known to you but now new and strange. With the polaroid camera (Carolina’s most modern equipement) Carolina documents sculptures, nature, family and moments. These are later transformed into negatives and then onto larger photo paper in the darkroom. Later tinted with paint – the transformation is nearing a completion if there even is one in her process.

Carolina has shown in the Spring Exhibition in Charlottenborg Kunsthal, Copenhagen. She has studied under Nicolai Howalt, collaborated with musician Maggie Bjorklund and is currently selected as GUP Magazine’s Fresh Eyes 2019 - the 100 greatest emerging photographers in Europe.

Carolina Echeverri

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