Carlos Nunes

1969 · Brazil

Artist biography

Exploring the infinite intrigue of the everyday abyss, Brazilian artist Carlos Nunes works in a variety of media to compel his audience to look ever deeper into the profound space of his work.

Whether it is a glimmering candle flame dancing in the darkness or a close-cropped segment of asphalt that reads like its own asteroid belt, Nunes uses everything from photography to film to create works that encourage deep contemplation: whether that thinking ties to the immediate compositional space or the incredible reaches of the universe, Nunes’ creations make the viewer want to dive in.

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1969, Nunes remains based in the city of his birth. He earned his degree from the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) of São Paulo) and also trained at London’s Saint Martins School of Arts. Recent solo exhibitions of his work include “Days of Objects in Cloudy Light” at the Nearly Gallery in Porto, Portugal (2016) and “Phototaxis” at Raquel Arnaud Gallery in São Paolo, Brazil (2017).

Carlos Nunes

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