Carl Krull

1975 · Denmark

Artist biography

Danish artist Carl Krull has a mind-bending ability to play with line in his work. Showcasing the amazing virtuosity that such a simple form can exude when paired with a masterful hand, Krull’s compositions vacillate between pattern and form, between the dimensional and the flat.

Often resorting to simple pairings, at times diametrically opposed (e.g., black and white) and at other scintillatingly blending (such as his red and blue-palette works), Krull conveys an almost vibrating quality, as if he has captured a soundwave in the dynamic undulations of his works. The beauty of this approach is that Krull is able to obscure his subjects somewhere between the visible and invisible: we see references to figures and forms, but we can never see them come into full focus.

Based in Copenhagen, Krull earned his BA degree from the San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts in Mexico City, Mexico, and then completed his MA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Poland, in 1999. From that point, Krull has seen his work included in a wide array of exhibitions in various notable locales in both in Denmark and internationally.

Carl Krull

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