Brian McGuffey x Mark Gabriel

United States

Artist biography

Brian McGuffey is a self-taught artist currently residing in Seattle, Washington. Originally from Alabama, travels have taken him throughout North and Central America and Europe. Images from his life experiences and childhood are loosely represented in his paintings.

Mark Gabriel is a multi-media artist from Toronto, Canada. Now residing and working in the magico town of Todos Santos, Mexico. At the threshold of the desert and the sea, Gabriel has tapped into the magic of Baja Sur bringing a new raw power to his art. From Marine Salvage Rights, his series of paintings on scavenged pieces of driftwood to the larger panels with the Tropical Jet Set, his creations are dreamscapes of scraped together memories. Ghosts of the desert and the mysterious movements of celestial bodies inspire flying whales, Ranchero musicians and the new series of tropical jet set socialites. These characters have their own stories to tell - they occupy familiar yet exotic topography - and they will reveal their secrets if you lean in close.

Mark paints mostly with knife. As he scrape’s and slashes the paint - one can see how essential that energy is to his work. Acrylic is also good because it’s fast. The paint goes on thick and wild, then dabs of precision. And if paint isn’t sufficient to the story, Gabriel employs ink, or mono-print, chalk and charcoal and oil stick. Some of the work requires collage and mixing of all of the above.

Brian McGuffey x Mark Gabriel

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