Bram Braam

1980 · Netherlands

Artist biography

Braam’s art practice focus on sculptural and spatial based installations. He investigates our experience of time and space, the construction of our environment and our perception of this reality. He looks at urban environments and has a fascination for edgy sides of our cities and its antithesis.

His work repeatedly engages with modernist design turning around the shifting reception of Constructivism, De Stijl, Bauhaus and le Corbusier and more. A recurring theme is how control is manifest in architectural planning and the fate of monuments that fail in their inherent task of memorialization.

Braam was born in the Netherlands and now lives and works in Berlin. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Den Bosch, The Netherlands in 2009. He has also studied at the Sint Lucas College in Communication and Design in The Netherlands.

He has exhibited internationally at venues including Galerie Burster Berlin (DE) N.B.K. Berlin (DE) Galerie Frank Taal Rotterdam (NL) Another space Kopenhagen (DK) Import Projects Berlin, Stedelijk Museum Den Bosch SMS (NL), B-art Seelevel gallery Amsterdam (NL) Kreuzberg Pavillion Berlin (DE), Freies Museum Berlin (DE), Rijkswaterstaat Maastricht (NL) Minimal Gallery Chiang Mai (TH).

In 2014 Braam was awarded a one-year scholarship by the Berlin Senat. In 2011 he won the Jung-Art prize Berlin. He participated in residency programs at Homebase Project, Culturia in Berlin, and Sea foundation in Tilburg (NL) and has been supported by different funding programs from the Mondriaan Foundation in The Netherlands.

Bram Braam

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