Birk Bjørlo

1986 · Norway

Artist biography

Renowned Norwegian artist Birk Bjørlo uses his art to transform the abstract into a space for deep investigation of not only the composition but also of the processes that contributed to its creation.

Compelled by tensions between the artist’s control of a work versus the inherent chance of the creative process, Bjørlo explores the ways in which his art can reflect this central contrast through an abstract visual language that is at once both defined and yet also visually vague.

Born in Hønefoss, Norway, in 1986, Bjørlo earned his degree from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen in 2014. Today, Bjørlo continues to work in Copenhagen but has enjoyed the exhibition of his work in locales around the world. Recent exhibitions of Bjørlo’s art have taken place at the Elephant Kunsthall in Lillehammer; Galerie Weissraum, Kyoto; and Gether Contemporary, Copenhagen. He also has examples of his work that have been accepted into the permanent collection of The Danish Arts Foundation.

Birk Bjørlo

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