Bi Rongrong

1982 · China

Artist biography

Bi Rongrong was born in Ningbo in 1982, and is currently based in Shanghai, China. In 2005, she received a B.A. degreein Chinese Traditional Painting from Southwest Normal University in Chongqing. Afterwards, she continued her study in the Chinese Landscape Painting Department in Sichuan University, and obtained a MFA degree in 2008. Her search to find a connection between traditional Chinese painting and contemporary artled Bi Rongrong to study abroad. In 2008, she enrolled in the MFA Painting Department of the Frank Mohr Institute in the Netherlands, and graduated in 2010. During this time, she also participated in a 3-month exchange program at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design. In her current practice, Bi Rongrong makes drawings, murals and site-specific installations. She often starts with drawings to present her perception of nature. In the context of exhibition, she searches to create a dialogue between the drawings and the exhibition space. Therefore, the space is used as a possible surface for her drawings which are expending themselves from a room to another, from a plane to another, in order to transform their perceptions. The exhibitions and The public art projects she has participated include: ‘Fiction Landscape’, Art Basel Hong Kong Discoveries, Hong Kong(2018), ‘The Landscape is Called Sweet Faith’, Museum aan de A7, The Netherlands (2011), ‘Zone Autonome Mutualisee’, Vivarium, France(2012), ‘Gas Station V’, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai (2012), ‘Waves’, Bund 18 Temporary Art Space, Shanghai (2013), ‘7:3 Colors’, Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai (2013), ‘PRESENT-ING RECITAL LOUDER THAN PAINT’, Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai (2014), ‘A Tangible Shadow’, Sifang Collective, Nanjing (2014), ‘The 2nd ‘CAFAM Future’ Exhibition’, Central Academy of Fine Art Museum, Beijing (2015). Residencies include Les Verriers Residences- ateliers de Pont-Aven, France (2012), Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, China (2013), Center for Chinese Contemporary Art, Manchester, UK(2014).

Bi Rongrong

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