Bertrand Créac'h

1947 · France

Artist biography

Bertrand Créac'h studied at the Boulle school in Paris. At the beginning of his career, he met Etienne Martin, Michel Seuphor and François Stahly, who supported him in his plastic research. He stayed in Carrara to work on marble and then stone and wood from different regions of France. Since 2000, he introduces metal in his « Message » and « Eclosion » series, culminating in a new monumental vision while making series of totems and reliefs of wood, "impressions" of his last trips to Ouessant.

« No matter what his technical approach is, the texture of his forms and the specificity of his vision, as a native constructor, he will never give up his soberly refined geometry, while claiming an analogical relation to nature... » Gérard Xuriguera

Bertrand Créac'h

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