Beliavskiy Albert

1934 - 2018 · Russian Federation

Artist biography

Beliavskiy Albert was a visual artist, who originated from Russian Federation, like other well-known artists such as Alisa Resnik, Lev Povzner, Lev Evzovich, Andreytv, and Igor Mukhin. Beliavskiy Albert was born in 1934 and died in 2018.

About Beliavskiy Albert's works

Beliavskiy Albert plays a pivotal role in the fields of Expressionism and Abstraction. Including artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Egon Schiele, Wassily Kandinsky and Edvard Munch, Expressionism is one the main currents of art of the 20th century - although it is considered to be an international state of mind rather than just an art movement. When it comes to paintings, Expressionist artists were significantly inspired by Eastern art which they deemed “primitive” in its use of bright colours and simplified figures. By adding textural elements and liberating their brushstrokes, artists were trying to reflect the psychological state of mind of their time, and truthfully express their inner self. Wassily Kandinsky’s painting Der Blaue Reiter is a great example of Expressionism, which symbolizes Kandinsky’s desire to drift away from realistic depictions and focus on subjectivity rather than objectivity.

Born in the early 20th century, abstract art can be defined as a movement escaping the classical definition of art, which succeeded in creating its own tradition through freedom and a new perception of reality. In abstract artworks, the objects are schematised, modified, and hold little to no reference to reality. Abstract art represents a fundamental moment in modernism, and its roots can be traced to Impressionism. With Abstraction, the artists are free to explore deep into their emotions, and create completely new and liberated representations of the world, which are inherent to their own perception of it. Wassily Kandinsky, who believed that colours and shapes could be used to represent the artist’s inner turmoil, is often considered as the father of abstract art.

Beliavskiy Albert in private collections

Beliavskiy Albert's art can be found on Artland in the following collection: Dorofeev Yurii. This also includes works by other critically acclaimed artists, Hur Kyung-Ae, Ali Hasanov, and Mar Hernández.

Further Biographical Context for Beliavskiy Albert

Born in 1934, Beliavskiy Albert's creative work was predominantly inspired by the 1950s. New York City became the focus for modernism on an international scale during the Post-War period. Many artists had travelled to the city during the Second World War, fleeing in exile from Europe. This led to a substantial pooling of talent and ideas. Influential Europeans such as Piet Mondrian, Josef Albers and Hans Hoffmann provided inspiration for American artists whilst in New York, and influenced cultural growth in the United States for many subsequent decades. Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, Frank Kline, Barnett Newman, Clyfford Still and Adolph Gottlieb were influential artists of this time. The male dominated environment has been subsequently revised to recognise the contributions of female artists such as Lee Krasner, Joan Mitchell, and Louise Bourgeois, amongst others.

Beliavskiy Albert

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