Barry Reigate

1971 · United Kingdom

Artist biography

British artist Barry Reigate works across various media to convey a marvelous mischievous mashup of pop culture references. From the kitschy cartoony to the boldly bawdy, Reigate creates compositional spaces that are packed with complex references that result in deeper contemplations of the role of such symbols in our modern world.

Tapping into root human emotions – lust, envy, satire, horror – Reigate’s body of work oozes with a gritty sense of debauchery and satire. Beyond the visceral references conveyed, though, Reigate also takes his viewer on a wild ride through the motifs that saturate our modern world.

Born in London, England, in 1971, Reigate earned his BA from the University of Arts London in 1993 and subsequently achieved his MA at Goldsmiths College in 1998. Today, Reigate is based in London and has enjoyed numerous showcases of his work. Recent solo exhibitions include “UnHolyVoid” in a private warehouse space in London (2004); “The End of Communism” at the Trolley Gallery in London (2006); and “Happiness” at Paradise Row in London (2008).

Barry Reigate

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