Balder Olrik

1966 · Denmark

Artist biography

Danish photographer and painter Balder Olrik conjures an intriguing yet isolated and dystopian world in his larger body of work. Amplifying color and the contrast between light and shadow, Olrik creates photographs that are alluringly atmospheric.

From sweeping vistas of uninhabited landscapes to close-cropped views of an abandoned gas pump, Olrik is capable of conveying an incredible sense of emotion in his otherwise static imagery. In doing so, he invites the viewer to take a closer look at the subtle details each work contains.

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1966, Olrik studied at the Royal Academy of Art in that city from 1982 to 1985. He excelled as a young student and devoted his early adult years to his art, however, in his early 30s, he shifted his focus to the field of behavioral science. He has since returned to his artistic practice and infused it with his parallel passions. Recent exhibitions of his work include “System 2” at Martin Asbaek Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark (2016); “Nodak Moments” at Gallerie Charlotte Lund in Stockholm, Sweden (2017); “Blind Spots” at The Bureau in Paris, France (2018); and “Blind Spots” at Hartmann Projects in Stuttgart Germany (2019).

Balder Olrik

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