Aurora Passero


Artist biography

Aurora Passero is a modern visual artist, who originates from Norway, like other renowned artists such as Tom Erik Andersen, Oddvar Torsheim, Per Kleiva, Kristine Dragland, and Rodolen.

Galleries and Exhibitions

Aurora Passero is represented by Galleri Haaken located in Oslo, Norway. Aurora Passero's work has most recently been exhibited at Galleri Haaken in Oslo (25 January 2018 until 18 February 2018) with the exhibition Crystal Set.

Aurora Passero in private collections

On Artland Aurora Passero's artworks can be found in the collection of Kunst på Arbeidsplassen and Jo, who for instance also has works by other artists including Hur Kyung-Ae, Qafar Rzayev, and Tora Aghabayova.

Aurora Passero

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