Arturo Acebal Idigoras

1912 - 1986

Artist biography

Arturo Acebal Idigoras was a creative artist, Arturo Acebal Idigoras was born in 1912 and died in 1986. Artists born in the same year and of the same generation are Fred Rappaport, Max Kämpf, Beatrice Mandelman, Alfons Allard, and Ervin Marton.

Further Biographical Context for Arturo Acebal Idigoras

Arturo Acebal Idigoras was born in 1912 and was primarily influenced by the 1930s growing up. Internationally this period can be best characterised by the conflict between the world’s foremost political philosophies - Marxist Socialism, Capitalist Democracy, and the Totalitarianism of both Communism and Fascism. In the United States, the Great Depression had a great influence on artistic output, with a number of artists focusing on the agrarian and the modest man in the streets. It was the first time in US history that widespread collectives of artists began to address politics, and tried to use their art to impact society. Artists held exhibitions on social and political themes such as poverty, lack of affordable housing, anti-lynching, anti-fascism, and workers' strikes.