Arsen Savadov

1962 · Ukraine

Artist biography

Arsen Savadov is a Ukrainian conceptual photographer and painter. Savadov was born in 1962 in Kiev and studied painting at the Shevchenko State Art School before graduating from the Institute of Plastic Arts of Kiev, Ukraine in 1986. Arsen Savadov artistic style is defined by a very versatile approach by integrating painting, techniques of installation, performance and photography. The use of a bright color palette clashes with more traditional bodies, religious and mythological figures. Savadov’s signature painting style challenges traditional viewpoints by combining ancient and contemporary concepts. Arsen Savadov also destructures the realism in his photographs by integrating ironic installations, objects and portraying his subjects in an outspoken manner.
His paintings and photographs have been heavelly exhibited in Ukraine. Savadov has also had two solo exhibitions at the Daniyal Mahmood Gallery, New York and Galerie Orel Art, Paris. Arsen Savadov works have been presented in numerous group exhibitions such as Art Riot: Post-Soviet Actionism, Saatchi Gallery, London (2017) and Recycling Religion, WhiteBox, New York (2016) among others. Arsen Savadov currently lives and works in Ukraine.

Arsen Savadov

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