Anna Barham

1974 · United Kingdom

Artist biography

Working with and beyond language, Anna Barham uses text and readings, videos and performance, and objects and structures to investigate linguistics. Deeply intellectual, Barham’s work explores the conceptual construction related to language as an integral factor for the creation and formation of conceptual art. Approaching the development of a collective process to create a definition for the usability of linguistic structures, Barham’s work is as much about the research and exploration of creation as much as it is about the final product.

Born in 1974, Anna Barham lives and works in London. Before attending the Slade School of Fine Art from 1997-2001 she received a degree in philosophy and math from Fitzwilliam College in Cambridge. She is widely published and her work can be found in numerous books and magazines.

Anna Barham has been the recipient of the Arts Council England’s GfA Award three times. She has taken part in residencies at St. John’s College, Oxford; Site Gallery, Sheffield; and the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin. Her work has been included in exhibitions around the world, including at Kunst-Werke, Berlin; The Welcome Collection, London; Rotterdam Film Festival; Frac Ile de France, Paris; ICA, London; and Tate Modern, London.

Anna Barham

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