Andrew Litten

1970 · United Kingdom

Artist biography

Tapping into some of the most powerful emotions of the human experience, British artist Andrew Litten created energized compositions that relay the powerful dynamics of everything from love and desire to longing and loss.

Launching his initial explorations with the most simple of materials, Litten worked to develop a body of work that spoke not to the aesthetically elite but rather used the visual language of the every day to invigorate his forms. In doing so, Litten breaks down the barriers of the contemporary art complex with works that are both humble yet carefully honed.

Born in Aylesbury, United Kingdom, in 1970, Litten studied at the Amersham College of Art (which is known today as Amersham & Wycombe College). Since then, Litten has enjoyed the showcase of his work around the globe in a wide variety of locales.

Andrew Litten

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