Andreas Schmitten

1980 · Germany

Artist biography

Andreas Schmitten is is an established, mid-career contemporary artist, who was born and brought up in Germany, like other prominent artists such as Chris Succo, Fort, Markus Oehlen, Franz Ackermann, and Antje Zeiher. Andreas Schmitten was born in 1980.

About Andreas Schmitten's works

Andreas Schmitten is a notable figure within the fields of Conceptual, Abstraction and Design. Conceptual art is arguably not as clear and easily defined as other art movements, and can often provoke intense reactions in the viewers. By nature, Conceptualism puts an emphasis on the strategies and research that go into the creation, making the concept of an artwork its most significant feature, rather than the actual finished product. Although the movement emerged in the mid 1960s, simultaneously across Europe and America, its father Marcel Duchamp had paved the way back in 1917, with his controversial artwork Fontaine. Conceptual art rejects the traditional mediums, and strives to place the artwork in the realm of ideas - rather than that of material constructions. Some of the most prominent figures of Conceptualism include artists such as Sol LeWitt, Lawrence Weiner and Yoko Ono.

Abstract art first came to be in the early 20th century, as a new and rather radical form of art. Artists were looking for a way of expressing the societal changes occurring at the time, and release their creative energy, thus moving away from figurative art. With abstraction, the artists move away from any literal representation of reality, and the visual qualities often put in focus in such non-representative works are colours, shapes and textures. Some of the most influential contemporary art movements born from Abstraction include Cubism, Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism, with key figures such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Jackson Pollock. With abstract art, a sense of self-renewing freedom is materialising through the artworks, in a new tradition of creativity.

The lines between art and design are blurred and can be intricate to define. Also referred to as applied arts, the genre includes a variety of categories such as industrial design, graphic design and fashion design. In the graphic arts, ranging from photography to illustration, it is often the context that will provide a difference between Fine Arts and Applied Arts; such a distinction is most often based on how the work is produced, and how it is traded.

Galleries and Exhibitions

Andreas Schmitten is represented by two galleries, König Galerie and Galerie Schönewald in Düsseldorf, Germany and Germany respectively. Andreas Schmitten most recent exhibition recorded on Artland was at Jiri Svestka Gallery in Prague with the exhibition Untitled. The exhibition was open from 16 September 2019 until 08 November 2019. Andreas Schmitten's other most recent exhibitions listed on Artland include the exhibitions; Exhibition for Enter Art Fair (28 August 2019 - 31 August 2019) at König Galerie in Berlin and THE HUMAN CONDITION (18 January 2018 - 01 March 2018) at Galerie Schönewald in Düsseldorf. Andreas Schmitten's first recorded exhibition in Artland's database was called THE HUMAN CONDITION and took place at Galerie Schönewald in Düsseldorf, Germany from the 18 January 2018 to 01 March 2018.

Andreas Schmitten has one work available for purchase on Artland at the moment.

Further Biographical Context for Andreas Schmitten

Andreas Schmitten was born in 1980 and was predominantly inspired by the 1990s. A collective of artists working in the United Kingdom, who came to be known as the YBAs, or Young British Artists, defined the artistic culture of the 1990s. Affiliated loosely by their age and nationality, they were a varied group of practitioners. Many of the YBAs attended the Royal College of Art and Goldsmiths in London, and were favoured by the ‘super collector’ of the time, Charles Saatchi. The most famous member of the group is Damien Hirst, and other members included Chris Ofili, Tracey Emin, Marc Quinn, Gavin Turk, Sarah Lucas and Sam Taylor-Johnson (née Sam Taylor-Wood). The YBAs became famous for their use of shock tactics and sensationalism, alongside their use of throwaway materials, wild lifestyles and an attitude that was defiant yet entrepreneurial. Due to the high amount of media coverage that they received, they dominated British art during the 1990s, and their work was epitomised in the group show ‘Sensation’. Conceptual photography began to gain popularity, and was particularly inspired by German ideas and artists. German artists such as Andreas Gursky, Thomas Struth, and Wolfgang Tillmans gained major recognition, and in turn artists such as the Canadian Jeff Wall created works with a cinematic quality that was inspired by the German artists’ work. In terms of painting, Albert Oehlen and Martin Kippenberger gained influential status in the artistic community.

Andreas Schmitten

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