Andrea Bass

United States

Artist biography

​Andrea Bass’ art dissects and reconstitutes her own personal feminism, portraying incongruent ways women grasp at and gain power. As casting director of her art, she appropriate Barbie, Steinem, Marilyn Monroe, and other icons as stand-ins for her and other females. She also employs a polygonal character named "Wretched Sister" (WS) who appears as cut-out from bright construction paper, but whose themes are for mature audiences, including child abuse, elder abuse, assault, and workplace marginalization. WS experiences her everyday life events (like poison ivy rash) as calamities, which "coincidentally" occur on the same date as actual catastrophes (like the assassination of John Lennon). Wretched Sister lives in real tabloid time zones, illustrating ways sensationalist current events serve as backdrop for our personal, ordinary lives. Andrea tries to be amusing if possible.

​Andrea Bass lives in New York City, where she completed an MFA in Studio Art at The City College of New York.

Andrea Bass

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