Ana Popescu

1988 · Austria

Artist biography

Artist and illustrator Ana Popescu was born in Romania and studied printmaking and drawing at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. “I think I work somewhere between illustration and art,” says Anna. “I don’t see myself as just one, and I think my work reflects this blurred line. I also grew up in France reading comic books so drawing and illustration was always very present.”

Inspired by the palaces and villas of Palm Springs, the artist Ana Popescu creates her houses from an illustrated architectural studies. Her interest in the representation of architectural form has developed through her love for the Bauhaus movement, which is reminiscent of the buildings in her native country, Romania.

After discovering a similarity with the modernist houses of Palm Springs, Papescu began to explore all their most characteristic geometric shapes.

Homes, the project that encloses a large part of her illustrations, presents a study of form and composition, and each image is painted in pastel colors and characterized by a playful design full of pattern.

Ana Popescu

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