Alle Jong


Artist biography

Alle Jong is a modern visual artist, who originates from the Netherlands, like other famous artists such as Super A, Guy Vording, Annelie Bruijn, Gabriel Lester, and Hersée.

Alle Jong's exhibition

Alle Jong most recent exhibition recorded on Artland was at Galerie Caroline O`Breen in Amsterdam (19 November 2019 until 20 December 2019) with the exhibition De Gegroeide Plek (The Grown Place).

Historical Context of Netherlands

In the post-Impressionist era, the dutch Vincent Van Gogh is considered among one of the most significant innovators, and is of course seen as one of the greatest painters of all time, irrespective of the era. In the twentieth century, some of the earliest examples of abstraction in the Netherlands were emerged under the support of the seminal de Stijl movement, led by Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesberg. Gerrit Rietveld was a major architect and designer whose work is closely related to the ideas of De Stijl.

Alle Jong

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