Alessandro Moroder

1989 · United States

Artist biography

Exploring time, ephemerality, and materiality through installation and sculpture, the youthful Alessandro Moroder is making a name for himself in the global art scene. In his 2019 exhibition entitled “Honey” Moroder utilised silk and cheese cloth rather than a traditional canvas to display his work. By soaking his sheets of cheese cloth in the natural saltwater of California’s Lake Stalton and draping them from the ceiling of the gallery, the installation studies nature and becomes a catalog of the processes of time.

Born in 1989, Moroder went on to secure his Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and drawing from California Institute of the Arts in 2011. He lives and works in Los Angeles, and utilises the land outside the city for many of his works; burying cloth in the ground and soaking it in water to create site-specific works that can be displayed anywhere.

Alessandro Moroder’s work has been displayed in solo exhibitions around the world including in Copenhagen, Denmark; Los Angeles, USA; San Pedro, Mexico; Berlin, Germany; Naples, Italy; and New York City, USA. His work has also been published in TIFO Magazine, Blast Magazine, and ATP Diary.

Alessandro Moroder

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