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Alejandro Rodriguezgonzalez is a visual artist, who was born in Spain, like other well-known artists such as Violeta Mayoral, Cristina del Campo, Manny Prieres, Lidó Rico, and Jorge R. Pombo.

Alejandro Rodriguezgonzalez in private collections

It is the collector René Holm, who is in possession of artwork by Alejandro Rodriguezgonzalez at Artland. René Holm also has works by other artists including Miriam Tölke, Michael Kvium, and Liam Fallon.

Historical Context of Spain

The influence of Spain was substantial in establishing the art of the twentieth century. Initially with his Blue then Rose phases, although he would eventually settle in to France in 1904, Picasso revealed a truly expressive approach to figuration in the early 1900s, the era of post-Impressionism. Pablo Picasso is also considered as the most influential original member of Cubism, a major art movement in which he would also be joined by Spanish artist Juan Gris. Though they were settled in France for the majority part of their respective artistic careers, Salvador Dali and Joan Miro were both highly prominent figures in the Surrealist movement. The political and cultural setting of Spain during the twentieth century was governed by the totalitarian dictatorship of General Franco, whose regime dominated the country from 1939 to 1975. His passing induced a restitution of the monarchy to Juan-Carlos I, who consequently reformed the State. The Franco dictatorship, typified by an intense anti-communist position, led to the departure of major intellectual and cultural figures, determined to escape this oppressive system. The artistic and cultural flourishing of the avant-garde were greatly affected by this situation, as liberal artistic movements are commonly significative of leftist penchants. Some critically acclaimed modern and contemporary Spanish artists include Antoni Tapíes, Eduardo Chillida, Eduardo Arroyo and Manolo Valdes.

Alejandro Rodriguezgonzalez

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