Aldo Tagliaferro

1936 - 2009 · Italy

Artist biography

Aldo Tagliaferro was born in Legnano (Milan), where he spent his youth, devoting himself intensively to painting from an early age. In 1953 he joined the Associazione Artistica Legnanese and went on to display his figurative works in numerous group shows organised by the association. In the meantime he was working in Milan, where he had the opportunity to frequent the avant-garde galleries.

In the early 1960s he decided to dedicate himself full-time to the artistic profession. In 1963 he held his first solo exhibition at the premises of the Legnano association, which was visited by the building contractor and art collector Felice Valadé. In the same year Valadé invited him to move to the “Quartiere delle Botteghe” in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan), a district where the contractor had built about thirty studios which he allowed artists to use in exchange for their paintings. This arrangement led to the creation of a group of artists that represented the most important trends of the time: the new figurative work of De Filippi and Ceretti, the abstract graphism of Vermi and Bionda, the objectual research of Castellani and Bonalumi and the conceptual work of Fabro etc. In this context, Tagliaferro was able to get to know these artists and compare notes with them.

After a period of reflection on his own work he identified his direction. From 1965, he began a research conceived as documentation and critical analysis of the socio-political context and human behaviour. To stay closer to reality, he used photographs taken from newspapers as evidence of events, which he then elaborated and re-proposed in a critical sense.In this process he sought formal solutions that could restore to the image the original emotive content that had been dulled by overuse, employing contrasting images and the differentiated repetition of the same image.

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Aldo Tagliaferro

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