Alberto Korda

1928 - 2001 · Cuba

Artist biography

Alberto Korda is a Cuban photographer famous for his iconic image Guerrillero Heroico of Argentine Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara. Born Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez on September 14, 1928, in Havana, Cuba, Alberto Korda first staged as a photographer assistant for fashion and commercials. In 1953, Korda opened his first studio ranging from fashion to commercial photography and later worked for the newspaper Revolucion. Alberto Korda's most important and internationally renowned work results in a rich, unique insight of the Cuban Revolution through the specific relationship he had with Fidel Castro after the artist first shot him in 1960. The artistic approach of Korda aims to restitute symbols and the personal linkage the artist had with Cuba more than document the events, he once said: “Nearing 30, I was heading toward a frivolous life when an exceptional event transformed my life: The Cuban Revolution”.Following his engagement during the Revolution, Korda then focused from 1967 to 1978 on exploring the technique of underwater photography From 1967 to 1978, Korda focused mainly on underwater photography exploring the depth around Cuba. Alberto Korda passed away in May 2001 while attempting a solo exhibition in Paris. Alberto Korda’s creative output is memorable and his shots have been exhibited in Italy (1985), Chicago (2000) and Paris (2001).

Alberto Korda

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