Alberto Garutti

1948 · Italy

Artist biography

Alberto Garutti is an established contemporary visual artist, who was born and brought up in Italy, like other celebrated artists such as Andrea Mastrovito, Luigi Pisani, Allessandro Pessoli, Paolo Bordino, and Mimmo Rotella. Alberto Garutti was born in 1948.

Galleries and Exhibitions

Alberto Garutti's work is available on display in several galleries around the globe such as in Italy and Germany. Galleries include Magazzino in Rome, Cassina Projects in Milan, as well as Buchmann Box in Berlin. Alberto Garutti's work are currently exhibiting at Galleria Enrico Astuni in Bologna with the exhibition S.p.A.A. Society for Artistic Actions (23 January 2020 - 08 May 2020). Alberto Garutti's other most recent exhibitions listed on Artland include the exhibitions; Group Exhibition (31 January 2019 - 26 April 2019) at Galleria Enrico Astuni in Bologna and PoliArte (L’Arte delle Arti) a Fano (26 July 2019 - 08 September 2019) at Galleria Enrico Astuni in Bologna. Alberto Garutti's first recorded exhibition in Artland's database was called SENZA CORNICE. OPERE SCELTE and took place at Galleria Studio G7 in Bologna, Italy from the 14 December 2018 to 26 January 2019.

Historical Context of Italy

The classical period of the Romans has exerted a consequential influence on the cultural and intellectual development of Italy, contributing to the uniqueness of the country and its immense artistic heritage. Italy is also the country that epitomizes the Renaissance, “Riniscita” in its original language, which translates to “rebirth”. From the early 1400s, the Renaissance has been an intense era of cultural and political flourishing, inducing revivals in art, architecture, music, poetry and philosophy. Although greatly affected by the fascism of Mussolini in the modern and contemporary period, Italy has never lost its place as one of the most powerful artistic centres, home to pioneering movements such as Futurism and Arte Povera, as well as the expressive painting of the Transavanguardia and the Minimalism related to the Zero Movement. Some highly influential Italian artists from the twentieth and twenty first centuries include Giorgio Di Chirico, Giacomo Balla, Giorgio Morandi, Alberto Giacometti, Lucio Fontana, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Francesco Clemente and Mimmo Paladino.

Further Biographical Context for Alberto Garutti

Alberto Garutti was born in 1948 and was primarily influenced by the 1960s. Artistically, the decade began with the twin movements of Pop and Minimalism emerging at a similar time. On one hand, Pop championed the visual culture of the mainstream and mass media, and of products and consumerism. Artwork by artists like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Tom Wesselmann and Claes Oldenberg was inspired by the popular culture of the rapidly developing Capitalism of the United States, using things like advertising, comic books and ideas surrounding celebrity culture as their main visual inspiration. A parallel movement was established on the West Coast in California - a strain that also related to language in art, and is viewed as the initial flowerings of conceptual art. Minimalism developed a formal language with no external references, focused solely on line, colour and geometric form as key constituents of both painting and sculpture. The key figures of Minimalism included Frank Stella, Donald Judd and Agnes Martin. Colour Field painting, as practiced by Morris Louis, Kenneth Noland and Helen Frankenthaler, further developed some of the expressive ideas of Abstract Expressionism, but stripped away much of the rhetoric, instead approaching a more rule-based approach to surface and colour that associated this practice with Minimalism. Globally, a number of artistic movements resonated the artistic concerns of the above mentioned movements, often with regional specialisms and nuance. In Italy, Lucio Fontana and Piero Manzoni developed Spatialism, and in Germany the Zero group under the leadership of Gunter Uecker espoused similar ideas. The influential school of Existentialist Philosophy was an important source of creativity for artists, with artists like Francis Bacon and Alberto Giacometti becoming known worldwide for their distinguishing approaches to the human form and the angst related to the human condition.

Alberto Garutti

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