Agnes Denes


Artist biography

Agnes Denes was a creative artist. Agnes Denes was born in 1938. Artists born in the same year and of the same generation are James Paul Brown, Frédéric Beunckens, Merion Estes, Phyllis Anne Arnold, and Manuel Da Silva Amado.

Further Biographical Context for Agnes Denes

Agnes Denes was born in 1938 and was primarily inspired creatively by the 1950s. It can be said that the 1950s were dominated by Abstract Expressionism, a form of painting that prioritised dramatic brushstrokes and expressed ideas about organic nature, spirituality and the sublime. Much of the focus was on the formal techniques of painting, and ideas of action painting were conflated with the political freedom of the United States society as opposed to the strict nature of the Soviet bloc. Important artists of the Abstract Expressionist Generation included Jackson Pollock (who innovated his famed drip, splatter and pour painting techniques), Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, Frank Kline, Barnett Newman, Clyfford Still and Adolph Gottlieb. It was a male dominated environment, though necessary revisionism of this period has emphasised the contributions of female artists such as Lee Krasner, Joan Mitchell, and Louise Bourgeois, amongst others.

Agnes Denes

Stayin' Alive
Group Exhibition
Another Space · New York, United States
Nov 9, 2020 – Mar 25, 2021