Abdulio Giudici

1914 - 2008 · Argentina

Artist biography

Abdulio Giudici was born in Buenos Aires in 1914 and died in Mendoza in 2008. He was part of a family of painters – his great-granduncle was Reinaldo Giudici– since his early years, he was in touch with the artistic field. He studied in the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes Prilidiano Pueyrredón where he achieved the title of Profesor Nacional de Dibujo. In 1947 he traveled to Mendoza and two years later, he was chair of Art History I and II in Escuela Superior de Artes Plásticas de la Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (what today is the Facultad de Artes y Diseño de UNCuyo). Ten years later, he was also chair of American and Argentinean Art. He wrote articles about design, architecture, art sociology, art criticism, atonal music and art history for several newspapers, magazines, art publications, university newsletters from Argentina and abroad. He published several books: Arquitectura Manierista (1972); Arquitectura y Arte de México Antiguo (1975); La Arquitectura y las artes plásticas del siglo XVIII en Europa y América Latina (1978), in collaboration with Carlos Mémoli; Cinetismo (1986), Abstracción (1995), Comentarios Arte y Poesía Martín Heidegger (2000), El espacio y las cosas (2003), Espacio, tiempo y arquitectura (2004) y Cézanne (2007, unfinished). He made study trips to Europe and America and stayed in touch with important art and design centers related to the Bauhaus school of thought. He had an integrated vision of the artistic practice and the theoretical conceptualization, he believed in the union between all forms of art. His work is part of the collections of the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires and his library archives are part of the Fundación IDA Investigación en Diseño Argentino.

Abdulio Giudici

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